Fire / Rescue Department

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Ohio Open Burning Regulations
​Open Burning of any sort is not allowed within one mile of the City of Washington Court House boundaries with the exception of a recreational fire. A recreational fire is defined as a fire 3 feet or less in diameter with flames 2 feet or less in height for pleasure, religious, cooking, warmth or similar purposes. Recreational fires must be at least 25 feet from any structure with the exception of a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. A recreational fire conducted in a fire pit or outdoor fireplace must be at least 15 feet away from any structure. All other Open Burning conducted outside the one mile limitation require a permit and must be conducted according to the Ohio Burning Laws found at  For questions about acquiring a burn permit, please contact your local fire department. There you will be directed to the permitting authority.

WFD EmblemFire Safety Classroom

^^^Click link above to above access the WCH FD Fire Safety Classroom.  

Check out this interactive slide program with links to many videos, activities, games and brochures about a variety of fire safety topics for all ages!

Washington C.H. Fire/Rescue Members

Fire Chief Tim Downing
Asst. Fire Chief Jody Langley
Captain Casey Coil
Captain Ben Havens
Captain Jason O'Dierno
Lieutenant Scott Monroe
Lieutenant Butch Williamson
Lieutenant Matt Smith
Firefighter Stephen Elrich
Firefighter John Kemme
Firefighter Cody Chandler
Firefighter Brian Michael
Firefighter Steve Yeoman
Firefighter Daniel Kasberg
Paid Call -Firefighter Tyler Osborne
Paid Call -Firefighter Todd Monroe
Paid Call -Firefighter Roger Wilson
Paid Call -Firefighter Tony Hamilton
Paid Call -Firefighter Dennis Noble
Paid Call -Firefighter Caleb McKinney
Paid Call -Firefighter David Laytart
Paid Call -Firefighter Brian Crooks
Paid Call -Firefighter Dalton Merritt
Paid Call -Firefighter Kyle Brown
Paid Call -Firefighter Michael Wilson
Paid Call -Firefighter Matt Williams
Paid Call -Firefighter Quinton Adams
Paid Call -Firefighter Nate Laytart